All Mutts Great and Small, inc
Adoption Agreement
This adoption agreement between ALL MUTTS GREAT AND SMALL, Inc,
a Central Washington Non-Profit corporation and the undersigned adopter, establishes the terms for adoption and post-adoption care necessary to provide an appropriate home for this dog.
These requirements are based on the experience and continuing commitment of All Mutts Great and Small founding volunteers, to see that all rescued dogs are well matched to their adopting family/owner.
For the purposes of this contract “Adopter” refers to the person approved for and signing the contract for the adoption.
“This Dog” refers to the dog listed in this contract, being adopted.
Note: Dogs adopted from us will be fully vetted and any unresolved medical condition noted in the dogs biography.
Persons adopting All Mutts Great and Small dogs assume full responsibility for pre-adoption evaluation as well as post-adoption expenses or liabilities related to the dog named in this contract once the agreement is signed.
Custody of the dog named in this contract will not take place until this agreement is completed and executed by an authorized All Mutts Great and Small volunteer and the adopter has donated the applicable NON-REFUNDABLE suggested adoption donation.

NAME OF DOG______________ BREED_______________________
SEX_____ AGE___________ ALTERED? Y/N

1. Keep this dog in my personal possession; provide proper and sufficient food, water, shelter, grooming and humane treatment at all times.
2. Never sell, trade or abandon this animal in any way including, giving away to friends family or stranger and surrender to another rescue or animal shelter. I understand All Mutts Great and Small retains “FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL” and must be notified if I need to relinquish custody of this dog.
3. Maintain this dog as an INDOOR DOG and companion only. I will not maintain this dog outdoors, in a garage, out building or other non-family oriented structure for more than eight hours per day, unless noted and approved by All Mutts Great and Small. I promise to never leave this dog outdoors in inclement weather.
4. Never use this dog for medical or any other experimental purposes, for breeding or any unlawful competitions or exhibitions.
5. Keep this dog securely maintained by appropriate fencing for it's size and athletic ability and to never leave it outside unrestrained and unsupervised. I further agree and promise to never use a chain, rope or any other type restraining device as a form of containment except in the case of a temporary emergency and only for so long as necessary to keep this dog safe and never for longer than 30 minutes.  
6. Never transport this dog in the open bed of a pick-up truck or any open bed vehicle unless legally and properly secured by a crate or commercially purchased restraining tie out designed specifically for truck bed canine confinement.
7. Keep this dog up to date on vaccinations or to be titer tested at least once every three to five years, as recommended by my veterinarian and to seek veterinary care in a timely manner for injury or illnesses suffered.
8. Maintain the contact information on this dog’s microchip and notify the microchip carrier promptly should my contact information change. I also agree to attach an identification tag to this dog’s collar, which shall be worn any time this dog goes outside the home, even to a secure and fenced in back yard.
9. Obey all local Animal Control regulations in my city, county or municipality and to license this dog as required.
10. Get my dog spayed or neutered at my own expense if for some reason it is not medically safe to spay or neuter this dog prior to adoption and to inform All Mutts Great and Small once the procedure has been completed.
11. Allow All Mutts Great and Small to re-evaluate my dog owning circumstances and evaluate this dogs health and condition, should there be reports and/or complaints concerning living conditions and to surrender this dog back to All Mutts Great and Small without financial compensation, should they find and/or it is recommended by Animal Control, due to inferior conditions which have created an unhealthy or dangerous living environment.
12. Allow All Mutts Great and Small to remain a contact on this dogs identifying microchip as a secondary security measure should this dog go missing and I am unable to be contacted. I further agree that if All Mutts Great and Small is contacted by a Humane Shelter or Animal Control Facility because I could not be reached, they may assume permanent custody or may return the dog to me at their discretion pending the underlying circumstances that found the dog lost, missing or willfully at large and the condition of the dog when found.
13. I agree to respect the hard work and dedication of this rescue, by providing periodic updates on my adopted dog, via FB, Email or text messaging, so they might share our success story with their supporters, as proof of responsible stewardship of donated support.

While All Mutts Great and Small makes every effort to represent their adoptable dogs accurately and fully, as temporary fosters we cannot be fully aware of every idiosyncrasy or personality traits that could be triggered by outside influences not experienced in a foster home or by the foster. We also make every effort to insure every dog is healthy at the time of adoption or to divulge any known medical or personality issues that will require further care/training on the part of the adopter.
Further, through the adoption process we make every effort to insure this dog is a good lifelong fit for the home adopting it but we cannot make any guarantees the fit will be acceptable to the adopter once they get the dog home. (See First Right of Refusal in Agreement).
Pursuant to the above we shall be relieved from all financial or legal responsibility for medical, training or any other expenses incurred by this dog at any time following the date of adoption. Also, All Mutts Great and Small shall not be liable for and is hereby relieved from all liability for any damages, expenses, causes of action, fines, suits, demands, judgments or claims of any nature whatsoever, arising from or by reason of damage to property or injury to any persons caused in whole or in part by this dog being placed with the signed adopter.
Dogs will not be released to anybody other than the approved applicant unless prior permission has been obtained and the representative brings a printed copy of this agreement with them, signed by the approved applicant.
 It is our goal to place unwanted dog into homes where they will be a cherished friend/family member, until they take their last breath, which we ideally hope will happen at a very old age.
While the conditions of this agreement may seem many and intrusive, it is designed to insure the best possible outcome for your new friend and should be easy to follow if you are a responsible and compassionate dog owner.
Reclaiming adopted dogs is a worst-case scenario we never hope to exercise.
By signing this contract you affirm that you fully understand and intend to comply with the rules and contractual obligations of this adoption agreement.
I understand I am donating to All Mutts Great and Small as compensation for expenses incurred in the preparations of dogs for adoption and as such, my donation is non-refundable. I further understand, should I return this dog for reasons of incompatibility, I may be offered a more suitable dog at the time of return without further donation required but if none are available or I refuse this arrangements, any future adoptions will be treated as a new application process.
Adopters Name (print)______________________________________
Adopters Name (print)______________________________________
Adopters Signature___________________________________ Date_______________
Adopters Signature___________________________________ Date_______________