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In a world where the dog is too often treated like property and denied as a sentient being, we will put our energy and our passion into creating a better understanding of a dogs worth in the dog/human partnership and provide better futures to dogs who have fallen victim to human complacency, ignorance and cruelty.





Elegant Title

All Mutts Great and Small, Inc is the result of a handful of experienced Yakima Valley dog rescue advocates, dedicated to aiding abandoned, neglected, stray and cruelty case dogs in our community.  
We do not transport dogs in, from out of country or state, preferring to spend our donated resources on locally needful dogs. We also do not transport out dogs out to other rescues or shelter, preferring to see each dog we take in, through the entire process from save, to adoption day.
We working closely with area vets, law enforcement and our local humane shelter and have a combined 100+ years of organized dog rescue experience plus more than can be counted, in personal dog rescue. 
We use all that experience, to focus on the intake, rehabilitation and preparation of homeless dogs for adoption so that they might know safer, more secure futures in, responsible and loving homes. 

We are 100% foster based and a licensed 501 (c)(3) Non Profit organization.





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