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A very common theme among the dogs we rescue, is they have been dumped in a rural area and left to fend for themselves. That is how we came to know Lizzy.


We received a call from a supporter that this beautiful girl had been dropped off and left behind near a friends place in the lower valley on Wapato Rd. As sweet as she was, she was very under weight and they were already home to at least a half dozen other varying shapes and sizes of abandoned dogs.


Lizzy needed more than they could provide and we picked her up the next day.


Lizzy was so exhausted that for the first few days she was in foster, all she wanted to do was eat and sleep. This is very common in dogs that have had to eat on the run and sleep with one eye open as Lizzy had.. We were happy to give her time to gain her strength and catch up on her sleep and

when she did...what an amazing girl we discovered.


There was not a person who met Lizzy that did not fall in love. Her gorgeous soulful eyes, her sweet and submissive

temperment and her sensitive and warm personality were a combination that was impossible to resist. She lived in a state of pure joy but Lizzy was more than that. She was very smart too. Only the very best home would do for her.


The Frelings live on an AMAZING horse farm on Vashon Island.  Beth Anne and Lizzy are constant companions and Lizzy adapted to farm life like the pro she is. And as if that

is not wonderful enough, she also regularly gets to go to the beach where she meets up with other long legged running type friends so they can stretch out their legs and run until they are exhausted.


Another Happy Ever After, Fairy Tale ending for one very lucky girl.


 TIred, scared and needing a friend

Hungry and underweight

catching up on lost sleep

The big day

On the beach with a friend

visiting her friends in the barn

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