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Before we had even officially announced we were opening, our very first rescue came a callin'.  He had been dumped in an orchard, as many dogs are in this valley and had spent a few too many days playing chicken with the cars on a fairly busy rural road.  Neighbors in the area were afraid for his safety and he was brought to our attention.  Even though we were not really prepared, one look at those big ole ears and we were smitten. 

We named him Uno, because he was our first.


Uno went into foster with our adoption coordinator where he quickly learned the rules of indoor living.  He was a very quick study of everything he was asked to learn and enjoyed earning praise and treats for a job well done.  He visited a farm where he figured out he did not like horses but loved playing in water and fetching sticks.  Life was good but it didn't feel quite right.  He seemed to know this was not his home.  He knew, even though this was better than where he had been, something even greater was awaiting him.  Little did he know, forever was on it's way from Seattle.

We could not resist those ears.

enjoying a trip to the farm

Adoption Day!!

Bryan and Tara, fell in love with Uno's picture on Petfinder.  He now lives next door to the Space Needle and enjoys going to work with Tara everyday.  On the weekends all three enjoy hiking the mountains and beaches of the beautiful Pacific NW and looking for bargains at Pikes Street Market. 

Uno is now Rye and we are so happy he is our very first

"Happy Ever After" Furry Tail

Rye, enjoying a day on the beach

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