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Why Do We Offer It?

Fostering to adopt came to be, largely due to our policy on altering puppies. 

Studies show that altering young dogs before they are six months of age, significantly increases the chances of bone development and other health issues, in adult dogs.  This is due to the loss of hormones, necessary for healthy bone and tissue growth, that are created by the reproductive organs and removed during alteration .  Since no dog or pup will leave our organization capable of reproducing or with it's reproductive organs intact, this means we must keep puppies in foster homes, until they are at least six months old and can be altered at a healthier age. 

This obviously ties up foster homes so we developed our "Foster To Adopt" program.

What Is It?

  Understanding that many adopters prefer to add a new canine member to their home when it is young, we decided to create the "Foster-to-Adopt" program, where local (must be local) qualified applicants, can take their puppy home with them as a one time temporary foster for our rescue, until the pup is old enough to safely alter.  Once altered, they will then be allowed to make their foster pup, a permanent member of their home, by adopting it.

How Does It Work?

Once momma dog has successfully weaned her puppies and they are eating solid foods as their main source of nutrition, usually at about 8-10 weeks of age, we will give them their first vaccinations, worm them and send them home with their pre-qualified, future adopters, where they will be cared for just as one of our regular foster homes would care for them.  We will pay for all medical expenses including additional vaccinations, worming and eventually, microchipping and alteration.  We also supply food, crates, toys, leashes, collars and a tag.  You, as a temporary All Mutts Foster, will be expected to socialize the pup, keep it clean, safe and contained and to get the puppy to all necessary vet appointments at OUR veterinary clinic, which is Summitview Cowiche Vet Clinic. 

Once the pup has been altered at a healthy age, you will be given the option to adopt it and should you decide to do so, will pay the adoption fee, sign the adoption contract and be one amazing family member larger.

How Can I Qualify To Foster The Dog I Want To Adopt?

​The first step is to qualify.  You can do this by clicking here  or on the bone below and filling out the application.  This way we can learn more about you, to insure we are placing the pup/dog, into a committed and responsible home.  You must be local, willing to use our veterinarian (Summitview Cowiche Vet Clinic) for the duration of foster and if it is a puppy you are interested in, have been Parvo and Distemper free in your home and on your property, for at least two years. 


Remember, you are never, at anytime, locked into the adoption of the dog/pup.  You can opt out if your situation changes or for some reason, you are just not able to follow through, to adoption.  Until the adoption papers are signed, you are a foster for us and free to change your mind at anytime.  We of course, try to insure great match-ups via the screening process, to avoid returns for reasons of incompatibility but nothing is ever foolproof.  Still, it is our goal to provide a rewarding experience and who knows, maybe you will like fostering so much, you will become a permanent member of the All Mutts Team, as one of our fosters and help us save the lives of even more homeless and abandoned dogs.



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